BGS Venture is a global value-oriented seed and early-stage investment vehicle concentrating on web and mobile startups and focusing on: MMO and Social Games, Mobile loyalty platforms, Social platforms & apps, E-commerce and new Media, Search and Data structuring. We offer a unique invest-mentoring accelerator programs for our selected entrepreneurs, as well as we are capable of providing the hardcore development resources to execute and develop your unique idea into a successful business.

BGS Venture currently has representatives in Toronto, Moscow, Riga, New York, London and soon be expending to Palo Alto.

Your fresh ideas, combined with our expertise yield a successful partnership without a need to look for outside investors. We’re looking to invest in entrepreneurial teams tapping unproven markets with unique solutions. Our portfolio companies create important services that are capable of transforming fundamental markets.

We truly believe every start-up has all the proper ingredients: environment, talent, capital, delegation and freedom to build world inspiring technology businesses. But even in these circumstances most young entrepreneurs face other obstacles, such as: developing the right connections, gaining acceptance and validation, building multidisciplinary teams and raising sufficient capital to supercharge their businesses. To overcome those challenges we bring together the best professionals with tremendous expertise in various relevant areas to analyze and propel your idea to a new level of sustainable business.

BGS is all about key people, hard work and inspiration - we attract and embrace together top young founders in an intense vibrant environment that leeds to new revolutionary products. The competition is enormous, it is a challenge to be nominated among 4 leading teams. But the outcome is worth fighting for - if nominated, you will be joining our program and after a year of professional guidance and hard work you'll have a chance to present your project on the Demo Day, where all selected founders will pitch their startups to a large audience of regional and international angel investors and venture capitalists.

BGS is a global launch pad for your startup - during the year each of top 4 winning teams will get our 1 year-long continues support on growing and managing the business, attend countless venus and seminars, and of course access a highly professional pool of all the brilliant mentors. BGS application is simple and straight forward - all it takes is just a few lines of personal information and a business plan. But take your time to combine all the projections, financial data, market analyses and other important metrics into a single business plan, make it as professional as possible.

There are applicants who already have alpha or beta prototype of the project working. This definitely gives them the better hand, but does not guarantee the top 4 position. Furthermore there are teams who apply to BGS with some market traction and even early revenue, to support a sustainable growth or open new markets for their business.

Furthermore, we specialize in transforming and expanding businesses to new markets. With professional guidance, world class mentoring and knowledge of current industry trends we are capable of migrating the idea between Noth American, European and Asian markets with potential of gaining wide acceptance and recognition.

BGS’s partners & mentors are the main jury. You will usually be notified within a month if you have been selected or not. Competition is very tough, so if you don’t make the shortlist you are welcome to re-apply.

If you are one of the lucky winners, we will provide you with the following:

  • The BGS team’s time and commitment to your company on a weekly basis.
  • Industry events and lunches on a monthly basis.
  • Guidance and presentations on ‘BGS Demo Day’.
  • Establishing reliable connection with key customer and strategic partners.
  • Guidance in direct operations and financial management.
  • And much more…. 

If you have what it takes to build a world-class company – definitely APPLY!

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