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Max Hodak

Transcriptic is an easier, faster, and cheaper way to assemble plasmids. Configure your order online and be done in minutes. Avoid the lab bench and spend your time focusing on the creative parts of the science.

Completely web-based workflow. Configure your orders from inside your browser and be done within minutes. Our bioinformatic platform helps to remove surprises, so you know exactly what you're getting without weeks of email back-and-forth.


Track order in real-time. Your Transcriptic dashboard is directly connected to the lab scheduling system, so you can follow your runs all the way through the process. You get direct access to audit trails and easily export any data generated (sequencing data, checkpoint imagery) to keep control of your orders.

Manage your entire organization in one place. The home dashboard screen gives you a quick view to track your current projects in flight, recent results, and runs awaiting administrator confirmation. Spend less time on administrativia and more time focusing on the core of the science.

It's easy to configure custom plasmids ranging from a commercial backbone with one short insert to completely de novo kilobasepair constructs, all right in your browser.

All products are completely sequenced and guaranteed to be 100% accurate for your target sequence.

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